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AD 2000 HP0:

GIBERTI SRL was born in 1934 as an independent company and began its activity as a specialized workshop of industrial boilers and in particular in “fire tube” type. This product was particularly requested those years by the textile industry (printing, dyeing, finishing, etc..), particularly but not exclusively, in the Como area.

With the gradual crisis in the industry textile area and of its product, Giberti company has been deciding to diversify its activities since 1992 into industrial boiler and plant engineering field such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, industrial boilers and skids, piping, etc.

The long tradition of quality and reliability, comes from a constant program of renewal of machinery and equipments, an upgrade of its managers and operators aimed at ensuring more specifications and regulations compliance, and the best realization of ordered products.

During the year 2011 was installed a photovoltaic system of new generation that does not just cover our energy demand, but it generates a surplus of power contributing to the reduction of production costs.

In the year 2013 Giberti, with a view to developing its production capacity, it has realized a plant expansion with an increase in surface area of ​​about 30%. And the story continues .....