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AD 2000 HP0:

Consulting & Engineering

GIBERTI SRL proposes the construction according to customer calculations and drawings or a full service of design and planning through a team support of technicians working on workstations equipped with CAD software. This allows, through a direct contact with the customer, to optimize the timing and the final result with a guaranteed product designed and built in accordance with the principal regulations.

Our processes and equipments

GIBERTI  SRL is able to develop all phases of  boilers production, heat exchangers and pressure vessels for the following steps:

- tracking design
- cutting of metal sheets with thicknesses up to 220 mm
- pipe cutting with diameter more than 3000 mm
- concentric and non-concentric reduction rolling of metal sheet (thickness up to 70 mm, diameters up to 3000 mm)
- special precision processing such as turning, drilling, milling, boring, etc..
- welding process type: TIG (GTAW), with rods (SMAW), submerged arc (SAW) and continuous wire (GMAW)
- Orbital welding process with semi-automatic machine type: TIG (GTAW)
- heat treatment (stress relieving, normalizing)
- surface treatment finishing (sanding, painting, pickling, insulation.)
- final tests (hydraulic up to 300 bar, pneumatic and mechanical)
- testing and certification with non-destructive test (radiographic, ultrasonic inspection, liquid penetrant, magnetic, hardness, ect.)
- assistance to the certification auditors and provision of final test books

Heat treatments in furnace

Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) of pressure equipment and piping. Normalization, Stress relieving and Quencing of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Low-Alloy Steel to solve the problems of hardness of welds, residual stresses and resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Localized heat treatments

Localized treatment is adopted in cases where, for technical design reasons, a stress relieving and / or normalizing treatment of the welds is required, in well-defined points where it is not possible to heat the pieces in furnace.
Electric resistances of suitable power and geometry are used to locally bring heat to the area to be treated.

Surface treatments

- Sandblasting and Glass blasting
- Polishing for food application
- Pickling & Passivating

Finishing, Coating

- Galvanizing
- Painting (Zinc, Epoxy, Phenolic)
- Metallization
- Refractory, fire-resistant
- Insulation


GIBERTI  SRL is certified ISO 9001:2015 for the design and the production/manufacturing of boilers, pressure vessels and welded metal. Giberti can build, under Quality Control System, Safety and Warranty in accordance with the standard codes: 97/23/EC, PED, ASME, RI.NA, ISPESL with the following authority:

- I.N.A.I.L


Giberti Srl provides with technical expertise and highly specialized personnel for complex equipment construction in the following sectors: pressure systems, water treatment and distribution of heat and gases, fluids such as dosing skids etc.